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History- previous work

AceMyERAS was created by a team of US doctors to cater to the growing needs of applicants as the application process gets more and more competitive each year. The 2019 match was a record setting year with over 44,000 applicants. The applicant pool outnumbers available residency spots and our team helped over 600 applicants this past year alone with a success rate nearing 100%. Join our network of over 3000 successfully matched residents in virtually every specialty. Try our service and if not content, we guarantee your money back.

Our mission/philosophy

The US is facing a doctor shortage and the increasing demand for healthcare in the upcoming years is not paralleled by an equal increase in residency seats. Matching well-qualified residents by accurately representing their gifts through excellent personal statements and ERAS packages is our core mission. With more than 50% of applications not meeting critical standards of residency directors, it’s paramount for us to provide this service so that excelling physicians can be identified and recruited by residency programs

Editors, doctors, residency directors

Our team of editors are experienced writers who virtually come from every background and can glean a compelling story from any line. Our US-trained doctors are here to input relevant medical knowledge specific to the targeted specialty. And our former residency directors serve as the final check point to make sure every personal statement or ERAS package not only meets but exceeds all application standards.

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