Yes! We encourage every applicant to put a sincere effort into writing their statement. However, the ERAS package and your personal statement offer a preview about you and it should carefully capture your strength and value. Most people because of lack of inspiration, language or writing difficulty, red flags, complex stories, competitive specialties and many other reasons, find themselves unable to craft an excellent personal statement or ERAS package. With this portion of the application being the most underdeveloped, and given its huge impact, we recommend using personal statement and ERAS application wiring service.

We are the only ERAS application writing service that have doctors and former residency directors on staff to ensure the highest and most appropriate quality of writing. Our value is in our diverse and experienced team who are deeply committed to medicine and fellow doctors.

Yes! Each personal statement we produce is specialty-driven. Further, each specialty demands addressing different aspects of applicant’s life and an all-fitting personal statement will sound generic and non-committing.

Absolutely. If you’re applying for radiology or anesthesia, for example, your transitional/prelim year statement should focus on what you can bring to the program in a short span of time and what you will seek to get out of it to enhance your career as a radiologist or anesthesiologist. Submitting your specialty statement here will not answer why their prelim program should admit you necessarily.

We strongly advice against recycling your statement. Writing a new one shields you from committing the same writing mistakes and refreshes your image and updates your perspective.

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