Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy
The content of this privacy statement is designed to help you understand how to navigate our site, use our services and protect your personal information. AcyMyERAS upholds these standards at all times to ensure your private information does not get compromised. If any promotional link is provided or you navigate away to any other website, please note that this privacy statement does NOT describe the practices of any external sites so please make sure to review their own Privacy Policy before commiting to their products and services and before sharing any sensitive personal information.

Information collected
AceMyERAS will ask you directly to provide information pertinent to the services you request as well as information necessary for the registration process. Any browsing information we collect will only be used anonymously and won’t be shared with any third party. Any information you provide for the purpose of writing or editing of your personal statement or writing other ERAS content is strictly used for that purpose and you can opt to deny request of information from our Doctors and Editors as you deem proper.

Use of your information
Your provided information will be used to optimize the quality of our product and facilitate the process by tailoring our customer service to suite your needs. Be assured that AceMyERASdoes NOT sell any of your personal information to any third parties. The full policy regarding the use of customer information can be found in our Terms of Service that you will have to check to complete your order. Similarly, your payment/credit card information will NOT be sold, shared or released to any third party under any circumstances.

Please note that if compelled by law, for the protection of our own legal rights, or for any investigative reasons, we may disclose any information we are being requested to government or regulatory agency.

Special offers
Only with your approval, AceMyERAS may send cordial emails regarding promotions, news or updates. If you opt out initially or choose to unsubscribe after, we will NOT initiate any email correspondence for promotional purposes.

If you do not wish to receive future communications from us, you can send an email to [email protected]

Cookies and website information
AceMyERASmay set and access AceMyERAS cookies on your computer. We also allow other companies that show advertisements on some of our pages set and access their cookies on your computer. Other companies’ use of their cookies is subject to their own privacy policies, not this one. Advertisers or other third-party companies do NOT have access to AceMyERAS cookies. AceMyERASuses web beacons to access our cookies inside and outside our network of web sites and in connection with our products and services.

Information transmissions security
When submitting payment through AceMyERAS, you will be asked for your credit card information. Your credit card purchases will be transmitted through a secure licensed server software which encrypts the information you provide.

Changes to this Privacy Policy
In case our Privacy Policy changes, AceMyERASwill notify you by placing a prominent notice on our site and/or sending direct email with the updates.

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