• Women Sandals&Slides - Ephe Black PGAJWGW
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Special Round Rubber Heel, Open Oblique Toe, Flat Sandal.
Leather Upper / Lining
Leather Sole
Mat Gold Metal Ring
Rope Strap

How to care for your shoes...

1. You should match your choice of shoe to your activity. For example, a shoe with a sole is not appropriate for playing sports. Wearing the wrong shoes for your activity may quickly wear them out or change their shape.
2. To prevent damage to the shoe lining, unlace your shoes first before putting them on and re-lacing them. Use a shoehorn when putting on shoes that have no laces.
3. Choose a shoe that properly fits your foot size. Wearing shoes that are too small or too large for your feet will quickly deform the shoes. Try on both shoes when selecting your choice. After purchasing, recheck the fit at home.
4. Always keep leather shoes in a breathable dust bag, and store them away from dusty or wet environments.
5. Dry wet or damp shoes at room temperature, never under heat or the sun. Never expose leather shoes to sunlight for prolonged periods, as it may damage the shape of the shoes, the stitched seams, and the color.
6. Avoid washing the shoes by hand or in a machine, as doing so will damage the shoes.
7. The footwear will absorb your sweat, allowing you to use the shoes for an extended period. Absorbed sweat will evaporate in approximately 24 hours.
8. Stains may develop from excessive foot perspiration and are not a production flaw.
9. Polish leather shoes using either the shoe’s own colour or a neutral polish.
10. If your shoe does not have an undercoating, your socks may become stained from the shoe dye.
11. While shoes without undercoat are comfortable, It’s possible that the shoes without undercoat can create stains on your socks’
12. The shape of your foot can cause strains and wrinkles in the upper front area of the shoe. With each stretch of your foot, these strains and wrinkles may increase. Using appropriate molds to prevent your shoes from becoming deformed is recommended.
13. Unless specifically stated, shoes should not be used in extreme water conditions, if the water-resistant or water-repellant features “Gore-Tex” or “Waterproof” is not specified.
14. Do not use chemicals on the shoes, as they may change the natural look of the leather. Dust, sweat, and other environmental factors may also affect the shoe colour. Use a soft cloth or brush when cleaning dust or mud from the shoe surface.
15. Due to the sensitive nature of florentic and patent leathers, some creases or wrinkles may be visible on the shoe curves.

Women Sandals&Slides - Ephe Black PGAJWGW

Women Sandals&Slides - Ephe Black PGAJWGW

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